Math is all around us. It is measuring out ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies. It is “How much longer until we’re there”. It is figuring out your little sister had more Goldfish than you and that’s not fair. It is tracing your Mom and little brother with chalk and comparing the sizes. Children are constantly exposed to math as early as under one. An infant will let you know when they want more milk. A toddler will recognize the color pattern on a caterpillar. A preschooler can use Play-dough to work on subtraction problems. A kindergartner can work on geometry by using marshmallows and toothpicks to create shapes. Below are Pinterest links: toddler math, preschool math, and kindergarten math that go directly to my personal page. Within each link there are pins for four number sense and operation activities, four patterns and relations activities, four geometry and spatial sense activities, and  four measurement activities.